2013 Demo Reel:


I am a freelance FXTD currently working remotely for Sim VFX as well as Cotufa Studios .  I also work as a motion graphic artist full time.  I utilize  Adobe After Effects, Photoshop,AutoDesk Maya, and Realflow 2013 to create motion graphics and VFX.  I have experience in camera tracking with The Pixel Farm’s node based tracker Matchit and Boujou.

I use Maya to create particle emissions, advanced fluids, nCloth simulation, nParticle simulation, rigid body simulations using Thinkinetic PullDownIt, MEL coding, expressions, dynamic rigs, and rendering as well as running liquid simulations in Realflow.

I graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia (Mizzou) in 2011 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in I.T. and History.  While attending school I was a Teaching Assistant in an upper level After Effects course covering VFX and compositing.  My hobbies include sports, blowing things up (digitally… mostly), beer tasting,the occasional book, and creating videos for my Youtube Channel (Patpromovies).